HSR Maize Cultivars

October 22, 2020

HSR Maize Cultivars

HSR maize hybrids have been sold in New Zealand for 10 years and in Australia for over 40 years. Standing for Hybrid Seed Research and owned by three innovative Australian and New Zealand farmers. HSR has breeding and research partners around the world that provide access to the most innovative and unique maize genetics available globally.

HSR’s high starch hybrids drive high energy yielding nutrition in their maize silage. Therefore, we need to maximise yields of cob and thus starch.

While the current range of HSR hybrids fit New Zealand applications, annual research of more than 75 new hybrids for traits that will fit the New Zealand growing environment. HSR conducted more than 50 strip trials in New Zealand last year.

Nutritech and HSR has been a strong supporter and contributor to the FAR Independent Maize trials, believing strongly in independent research and objective data for farmers.

TITUS is a CRM 82 silage maize, or quick grain hybrid. It is extremely quick growing and fills the void for growers who plant or harvest out of key operating windows or need quality, early season feed. Great for planting in regions with a short but intense growing opportunity.

OBELIX is an exciting dual-purpose silage or grain maize with CRM 94. Obelix is a hybrid that lives up to its name which means ‘pillar of strength’. It can handle higher populations thanks to its vertical plant architecture.

MAXIMUS is high producing soft feed and silage maize with CRM 102. Maximus produces a large bulky plant and has a root system to match.

It has extremely high water use efficiency and is ideal for growers who want large robust plants with reliably high yields of grain or top quality silage. It has excellent standability and disease tolerance and is quick-maturing.

Maximus can be grown in all maize growing regions and it produced great results in independent FAR maize trials across New Zealand.

BRUTUS is a new hybrid 105 CRM Maize from HSR. It is a soft starch feed or silage maize. Brutus has extremely high water use efficiency and exceptional yield for its maturity.

It has an early season growth habit that allows versatility and flexibility in sowing and harvest. It is designed for maize growers who want a crop that stands well, has a ‘brut’ of cob, with an excellent silage yield and quality or high yielding stock feed maize grain.

Brutus can be grown throughout North Island. Farmers who want a stable hybrid that performs exceptionally well across mid-maturing CRM environments should look at Brutus.

Growers looking for a maize hybrid that carries a heavy load should consider Obelix. Its rapid dry down and lower stay green allows earlier harvests in areas with shorter growing seasons or when faster feed is required.

It is designed principally for silage producers who want a quick turnaround with excellent yield and quality for its maturity. Titus is suitable for all maize growing areas in New Zealand.

(HSR Thor)

THOR (New) is 112 CRM silage and grain maize. Proven over the last three years, Thor has exceptional disease tolerance to both Rust and Leaf Blight and great yields. Bred for water use efficiency, Thor handled the dry condition last summer really well. With excellent silage quality from large grain to stover ratio’s, Thor delivers high ME, high digestible silage with exceptional dry matter yields. The wide harvest window driven by its strong stay-green characteristics provides a versatile hybrid across a wide range of conditions.

PEGASUS (New) is a full season 116 CRM silage maize, ideal in longer season areas, with exceptional yields of high ME silage under a wide range of conditions. Pegasus has been bred with a very high cob to stover ratio, driven by its large cob. This delivers exceptional silage quality in both ME and digestibility. Also bred to handle a wide range of stress from both wet and dry conditions, Pegasus has very high stress adaptation, leaf blight and rust tolerance with a wide harvest window. The plant size and strength will impress anyone with the season length to grow full season hybrids like Pegasus.

This article was originally published in the Green to Gold feature of the NZ Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer magazine in September 2020.

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