Dosmatic Super Dos 45

General Details
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The Dosmatic proportional inline dispenser delivers unmatched quality, reliability and consistent accuracy combined with the industry’s widest range of operational specifications ensuring:
• Precise mixing
• External ratio adjustment
• High operating pressure


• The only non-electric, water-driven injector where the chemical is mixed in a patented internal mixing chamber separate from the motor, extending the life of the motor and reducing service and replacement costs.

• Proprietary blend of highly chemical compatible materials results in a significantly stronger body and cover, allowing for the industry’s highest operating pressure capabilities.

• Large diameter valves in motor, resulting in reduced pressure loss.

• Innovative mixing chamber design ensures a thorough and precise mixing of the water and injected chemical before leaving the unit.

•Injection ranges from 1:4000 to 1:20
•Interchangeable lower ends
•Patented mixing chamber (patented one way gasket prevents chemical contact with motor piston)
•Standard proprietary body material exceeds PVDF for chemical compatibility without any extra cost
•Ability to adjust ratios while in operation
•Ability to change wear parts without opening upper body
•3 year warranty

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