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DancaPhos® is a calcium and phosphorus supplement with added vitamins A and D3. DancaPhos® provides the optimum calcium/phosphorus balance to maximise bone development and help prevent bone disorders caused through a deficiency of these minerals. Vitamins A and D3 are added to assist in the metabolism of both calcium and phosphorus. DancaPhos® is particularly important for growing horses and for pregnant and lactating mares, and is a complementary product to use in conjunction with SelaMin® Gold.

Active Ingredients

Per 120 g dose (elemental):

Calcium 37 g
Phosphorus 12 g
Vitamin A 9000 iu
Vitamin D3 4500 iu
Recommended Dose Rate

When quality of pasture is high: 35 g per horse per day.

When quality of pasture is poor: 60 g per horse per day.

When the horse’s diet is high grain and low pasture or lucerne:
• For maintenance: 25 per horse per day.
• Horses in work: 60 g per horse per day increasing to 120 g during periods of peak activity.
• Foals, Yearlings, Lactating Mares: 120 g per horse per day.

Directions for Use

Thoroughly mix the required amount into one of the daily feeds. 1 level 15 ml scoop (enclosed) is approximately 15 g.

Pack Sizes

4 kg
20 kg


“Both of my fillies (2yrs) Romariz & World Legacy have been brought up on Nutritech supplements, and both are stunning and stand out in a crowd!! I put it down to feeding SelaMin® Gold and DanCaphos® to ensure they have all the vitamins & minerals they need, which is very important for young growing horses.” Romariz is a filly by Ramirez (Holsteiner) who is on SelaMin® Gold. She had a very successful first outing at 2yrs old. Warmblood Ring: 1st Two Year Old, 1st Best Movement, 2nd Best Head, Champion Junior Warmblood and Grand Champion Warmblood Sporthorse Ring: 1st Two Year Old, 1st Best Movement, 2nd Best Head, Reserve Champion Sporthorse.

Tracy Bublitz (Owner/trainer in Taranaki)

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