DanMix® General Purpose

General Details
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A free access mineral mix to improve the general health of cattle and sheep to aid in the correction of mineral deficiencies.

Active Ingredients

Per 40 g dose contains:

Cobalt 1 mg
Copper 15 mg
Iodine 4 mg
Magnesium 1 g
Selenium 2 mg
Sodium 8.8 g
Zinc 60 mg
Recommended Dose Rate

Cattle 40 g / day
Calves 10-20 g / day
Yearlings 20 g / day
Sheep 5 g /day

Directions for Use

Place in a suitable container in a dry area away from water troughs. Animals should be given free access along with water and roughage.

Pack Sizes



Bruce and Lesley Clow started using Nutritech more than 30 years ago when they took over the family property just South of Cambridge. “Back then it was called Danish Minerals, and they were the first company to supply mineral supplements and nutritional advice to kiwi farmers. As soon as we started using their DanMix™ free access licks we saw an immediate improvement in our animals’ health.” To help them achieve good per cow production, Clow drenched all his cows with Nutritech’s FloCalMag® in the spring. “This gave them the extra calcium they needed to turn grass into milk”. Clow found FloCalMag® easy to use and says the cows responded well to it, “They peaked at 27 litres in the spring and averaged 350kgs/Ms on grass alone”. Clow also found that the additional magnesium in FloCalMag® meant that cows were quiet when they came into the shed and were less susceptible to grass staggers. “The last thing you need is a cow to go down when you are milking by yourself in the spring!”

Bruce and Lesley Clow (Senior Breeding Consultant for Genetic Enterprises)

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