General Details
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EquiMos is a nutritional supplement that aids in the reduction of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and mycotoxins. It does this by occupying pathogen receptors, and allowing them to pass harmlessly through the gut without affecting the horse. EquiMos encourages gastrointestinal health and performance by stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and supporting the immune system. May be useful under conditions of acute stress such as transportation, racing and yearling preparation. Contains modified mannan oligosaccharides.

Active Ingredients

Contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Orego-Stim®.

Recommended Dose Rate

1 scoop (enclosed) = 10 g
Adult Horses: (500 kg) 10g / horse / day
Yearlings: (350 kg) 5g / horse / day

Directions for Use

Thoroughly mix the required amount into one of the daily feeds of meal or grain.

Pack Sizes

1 kg, 3 kg.