General Details
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A palatable high strength live yeast supplement. It contains a special strain of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885 CE Registration No 14) developed specifically for its beneficial effects in animal feeding, unlike many other yeast products which have been developed for the brewing, baking and other industries, and may have only limited effects in animals.
EquiYeast® exerts most of its effects in the hind gut of the horse, where much of the feed is digested. EquiYeast® has been found to stabilise conditions in the hind gut, encouraging the growth of naturally occurring food digesting bacteria, therefore allowing the natural process of digestion to occur more smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of EquiYeast® include:

  • Enhanced palatability
    Encourages shy, fussy feeders to eat.
    Enhances feed intake.
  • Improves digestibility of feed
    Better utilisation of the feed.
    Increased amino acid levels in the blood.
  • Better fibre digestion
    Reduces the amount of undigested fibre and grain in the dung.
    Improved availability of nutrients from the feed
    Pagan (1989) Kentucky Equine Research institute, found that a live yeast improved the utilisation of dietary phosphorus by 21 %. This has important implications in young horses with developing bones.
  • Broodmares produce better quality milk.
    (Glade, NW University, Chicago)
    Improved growth rates in young horses.
  • Coat condition improves.
  • Totally natural product recommended for all horses.
  • No residue.
Active Ingredients

A guaranteed minimum of 15 x 109 CFU or 15 billion colony forming units per gram.

Recommended Dose Rate

Foals/Weanlings: 2g

Yearlings, broodmares, all performance horses: 3g

Recreational ponies: 1g

Directions for Use

When introducing EquiYeast® into the diet, be prepared to reduce overall feed levels slightly, particularly for those horses and ponies already in good condition.


Reseal packaging after use. Keep in a safe place away from foodstuffs. Store in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes, inhalation and ingestion. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Keep out of reach of children.

Pack Sizes

250g, 500g