HiTrace® 4

General Details
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A trace mineral supplement formulated to help maintain and correct mineral imbalances in dairy cattle. HiTrace® 4 provides minerals in their sulphate form.

Active Ingredients

Contains per 5g or 10 ml dose (elemental):

Cobalt 4 mg
Copper 250 mg
Iodine 8 mg
Selenium 4.5 mg
Zinc 800 mg
Recommended Dose Rate

Between 3-5 g or 6-10 ml per cow per day, depending on animal requirements, and any other supplements used. Nutritech nutrition specialists can give recommendations for other classes of stock or for specific situations; or consult with your veterinarian.

Directions for Use

For oral administration to cattle. HiTrace® 4 can be added directly to troughs, drenched or through an in-line dispenser such as Dosmatic®. Mix well before use.

Pack Sizes

25 kg

Additive Options
HiTrace® 4 Liquid 20 L
 HiTrace® 4 Liquid 100 L
HiTrace® 4 Liquid 200 L

Evan share milks 350 cows and produces more than 1200 MS/Ha just North of Blenhiem “Now most of our neighbours grow grapes and it’s getting to the stage where it’s more and more difficult to find good grazing nearby”. Irrigation and plenty of maize silage is the key to getting high milk solids per ha in the dry Marlborough climate. “If we didn’t have irrigation we would be short of grass pretty quickly so we irrigate from October onwards and make grass silage with the surplus”. Evan uses NutriMin® Silage Balancer to make up for the loss of minerals whilst feeding maize silage and he also uses Nutritech’s HiTrace® 4 as a way of putting back some of the minerals and trace elements lost through leaching. “It’s really easy to mix up and the cows love the taste, but best of all it really works. Our cows are in good order and our latest blood tests show that we no longer need to give them a copper bullet over the winter, for 3 cents per dose I feel we are getting great value for money”.

Evan White