HSR GreenFeast®

General Details
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GreenFeast® was developed following inquiries for a quick growing grazeable fodder, with the benefits of large maize yields, and improved feed quality, but without the need for specialized planting and harvesting equipment. Designed to be strip grazed or direct fed. It has been developed with simplicity in mind, making use of existing machinery and is designed to be extremely flexible in respect to ground preparation and sowing techniques.

Planting Populations

1.5 – 3 BAGS / HA


GreenFeast® is targeted at farmers who typically grow various summer fodder crops including sorghum, rape, turnips, and oats for dairy and beef stock. GreenFeast® is designed to allow a farmer to calculate when a feed gap will occur, and plant GreenFeast® 8-11 weeks prior, to fill the gap.

Plant Type Short Maturing for Maximum AdvantageGreen Feed, Extremely Water Efficient Summer Crop
Plant Height Mixed
Grain Type Mixed
General Comments Suitable for Dairy & Beef
Trait Scores