HSR Sirus

General Details
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Introducing HSR Seeds 117 day soft feed/silage maize. With a fantastic yield for its maturity, Sirus is a full season feed maize on the Australian market that can also be ensiled for stockfeed. It is designed principally for the grower who wants a large robust plant with an excellent grain to Stover ratio.

Planting Populations

80,000 to 95,000 (GRAIN 65-95K)


Suitable in Northern regions of New Zealand.
Growers seeking a reliable, high yielding, excellent standability and disease tolerant package in a full-maturing maize hybrid, should be growing Sirus. Producing high quality feed grain and silage yields. Farmers that want a stable hybrid that has performed exceptionally well across all environments should look at Sirus.

Plant Type 117 Days CRMSilage or Grain
Yield Potential Excellent yields with fantastic disease package.
Plant Height Very-Tall and erect plant with large root structure.
Grain Type Dent x Dent highly digestible feed grain. High Starch content.
General Comments Shows excellent yields under various conditions.
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