HSR Titus

General Details
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Introducing HSR Seeds 82 CRM silage maize, formally known as MYF136. Extremely quick silage maize or grain that fills the void for growers that plant or harvest out of the key operating window or need quality early season feed. It is designed principally for the silage producer who wants a quick turnaround with an excellent yielding/quality maize silage for its maturity.

Planting Populations

85,000 to 110,000 (GRAIN 75-110 K)


Suitable across all maize growing areas. Great results in independent FAR Maize Trials across New Zealand. Growers seeking the quickest, good yielding, excellent standability and disease tolerant package, should be growing Titus. Producing high quality ‘starchy’ silage yields. It is the quickest maize on the Australian market. Giving the planning producer the flexibility to achieve his feed production timeline.

Plant Type 82 Days CRMQuick Silage or Grain
Yield Potential Excellent yields with a solid disease package.
Plant Height Medium height plant with a greatroot structure.
Grain Type Dent x Flint highly digestible feed grain. High Starch content in grain and silage.
General Comments Quick yields that fill a specific purpose.
Trait Scores