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Rotavirus is the biggest single cause of infectious scours in young calves, causing more than half of all cases of scouring in calves less than three weeks old.

Each dose of ImmuStart® delivers ingredients that are important for antibody production. These ingredients combined with vitamin A, E and microencapsulated probiotic bacteria provide a biologically stable, highly effective protection system to aid and support the immune system, assisting in helping protect against pathogenic challenges. ImmuStart® contains large doses of microencapsulated probiotic bacteria which help support calves’ immunity by filling-up the intestinal tract attachment sites, helping to minimise colonisation by excluding pathogens from attaching to the gut wall.

Active Ingredients

Per 15 ml or 5 g dose:
Freeze dried beneficial bacteria: Measured as colony forming units (cfu)

Lactobacillus acidophilus 165 million cfu
Bidobacterium thermophilum 165 million cfu
Bidobacterium longum 165 million cfu
Enterococcus faecium 165 million cfu
Bacillus subtilis Over 1 billion cfu*
Dried Egg Powder Source of active proteins
Vitamin A 15000 iu
Vitamin E 750 iu

*Bacillus subtilus is included only in the powdered formulation and
is not available in ImmuStart® Paste.

Recommended Dose Rate

15 ml / 5 g per calf on days one, three and five after birth. In situations of known viral challenge, increase dose on day one to 30 ml.

Directions for Use

Administer ImmuStart® Paste orally between teeth and cheek using a Genesis Application Gun.
Mix ImmuStart® Powder with milk, CMR or water and once added to the solution, it should be fed immediately.

Pack Sizes
ImmuStart® Paste 80 ml
 ImmuStart® Paste 300 ml
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