NutriCare® Calf Electrolyte

General Details
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NutriCare® Calf Electrolyte is a fast acting electrolyte to be mixed with water and dosed to calves to assist with the control of scouring. NutriCare® Calf Electrolyte contains electrolyte salts acidifiers in a water soluble powder.

Active Ingredients

Contains per 1 kg:

Bicarbonate 21 g
Chloride 128 g
Citrate 7 g
Dextrose 598 g
Glycine 5 g
Potassium 21 g
Sodium 118 g
Sodium Chloride 220 g
Sulphur 25 g
Recommended Dose Rate

Dissolve 80 g of NutriCare® Calf Electrolyte in 2 L of clean water.
Day One: Give 2 L of electrolyte solution (mixed as directed) three times daily.
Day Two: Give 2 L of electrolyte solution (mixed as directed) twice daily.
Day Three: Give 1 L of electrolyte solution( mixed as directed), plus 1 L of milk or milk replacer, once daily.

Directions for Use

Administer electrolyte solution to calf using suitable oral dosing tube or drench gun. Once prepared, discard solution after 24 hours. Separate dosage of electrolyte solution from milk feeds by at least 15 minutes, and by 4 hours if possible. In any case, do not dilute milk or milk replacer. Diluted milk does not form a suitable clot and may in itself, cause scours. If withholding milk and milk replacer, re-introduce gradually over 1-2 days and feed normally thereafter. Nutritech nutrition specialists can give recommendations for specific situations, depending on animal requirements, or consult with your veterinarian.

Pack Sizes

3 kg, 8 kg.