General Details
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A highly digestible and nutritious starter pellet specifically designed for young dairy and dairy-beef calves. The unique formula in RumenX® means calves can utilise the nutrients from day 1 of age. Combined with a specialised rearing programme, means calves have the best opportunity for maximum rumen development without the need for high volumes of milk.


Maize, soybean pellets, corn gluten meal, yeast, rice, soybean, coconut oil, molasses, palm oil, MDCP, salt, sodium carbonate, methionine, lysine, threonine, sodium monensin (Rumensin® 20%), FE sulphate, B.H.T, manganese oxide, zinc oxide, sodium selenite, vitamins and minerals.


% as fed

Crude Protein (min.) 25%
Fat (min.) 8%
Crude Fibre (max.) 3%
Dry Matter (min.) 90%
Sodium Monensin 0.015%
Energy (preruminant) 17.56 MJ/kg DM
Directions for Use

RumenX® accelerates rumen development allowing for earlier weaning from milk or CMR. It is important to restrict pasture and hay whilst feeding RumenX® to allow for maximum intakes. It is essential all calves are fed colostrum during their first week of life.

The RumenX® Programme

Pack Sizes

15 kg