Sil-All® Stability Water Soluble

General Details
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Sil-All® Stability is a natural biological silage inoculant formulated to control the aerobic stability and feedout characteristics of ensiled characteristics of maize and wholecrop silages during storage and feedout. Sil-All® Stability has been developed to address these ensiling issues found specifically in New Zealand whilst maintaining the high quality fermentation and production performance that is expected from the Sil-All® range.

Guaranteed Content

Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 ≥ 1.50 x 10^11 CFU/g
Pediococcus pentosaceus CNCM MA 25/4J ≥ 4.00 x 10^10 CFU/g
with a proprietary enzyme formulation, Xylanase, ß-glucanase, Galactomannanase, sucrose, sodium silicoaluminate, silicon dioxide, potassium sorbate, sodium diacetate and artificial colour.

Recommended Dose Rate

Sil-All® stability is used at 2.8 g/t of fresh forage.
One 140 g sachet treats 50 t of fresh forage.
One 700 g sachet treats 250 t of fresh forage.

Directions for Use

Mix content of sachet (140 g or 700 g powder) in 1 L of clean water at ambient temperature.
Dilute to 2 L*(140g) or 10 L*(700g) with water at ambient temperature. Apply with a sprayer at 40 mL/t forage.
* The required dilution may vary depending on the intended application, consult your technician before use.

Pack Sizes

140 g, 700 g.


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