Silostop® Bale Wrap

General Details
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After years of continuous research and development, Silostop® created the world’s first oxygen barrier bale wrap. Silostop® Bale Wrap combines the benefits of oxygen barrier technology with strength, consistent performance and durability. It is easily used on both round and square bales and can be used on any type of crop.


Silostop® Bale Wrap can be used on all types of bale wrappers.

Benefits of Silostop® Bale Wrap
    • Reduces the amount of oxygen entering into the bale.
    • Fresher smelling forage.
    • Spoilage is greatly reduced.
    • Reduces DM losses.
    • Lower yeast counts.
    • Improves animal health and performance.
    • Multi-layer film for superior strength.
    • Double-sided tack for excel-lent sealing.
    • High tack level eliminates long ‘tails’ during wrapping.
    • Reduces odours emanating from the bale.
Silostop® Bale Wrap 0.75m x 1500m 1125m2

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