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HSR Seeds new 112 CRM, Dual Purpose Silage and Grain Hybrid. Thor has high energy and digestible silage, ideally suited to the livestock industry. Widely adapted, with very good Northern Corn Leaf Blight tolerance and excellent stress tolerance. A tall large cob variety that replaces HSR Olympiad, with improved yield and NCLB tolerance. Bred for excellent cold vigor and adaptability under a wide range of conditions. As a grain hybrid, Thor delivers good yields of medium density grain.

Planting Populations

70,000 TO 95,000 seeds/ha (SILAGE 80-90K)


Growers seeking a reliable high yielding mid maturity variety with strong adaptability across a wide range of seasons should choose Thor. Ideally suited to the silage and grain markets.
New Tropical Dent genetics developed for yield and diversity with quick dry-down for shorter seasons and greater enterprise flexibility.

Plant Type 112 CRM Silage or Grain
Yield Potential Excellent yields with strong disease package.
Plant Height Tall plant with large root structure for high WUE.
Grain Type Tropical Dent highly digestible feed grain. High Starch content in grain and silage.
General Comments Consistent and solid yields under wide range of conditions. Quick dry down.
Trait Scores