Helping you to achieve your on farm sustainability goals.

You can now recycle Nutritech 20 and 200 litre plastic containers and SiloStop® Orange through the Agrecovery and Plasback recycling programmes, supported by Nutritech it is now easier to achieve your on farm sustainability goals.
Reduce the harmful effects of traditional burning, burying and bulk storage in the environment.

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20 and 200 litre plastic drums

Agrecovery is a not-for-profit rural recycling organisation that safely dispose of unwanted agrichemicals, and recycle empty containers, drums and IBCs. So far Agrecovery has recycled 793,093 kg of plastic containers!

Agrecovery offers free recycling at their stations around the country for 0-60 litre containers and will pick up larger 61- 1000 litre containers from your farm at no cost to you. They also dispose of unwanted chemicals for free or a subsidised fee.

Find out more about Agrecovery and find your nearest drop off point below.


SiloStop® Orange

Plasback offers a recycling programme for agricultural plastics including baleage wraps and silage pit covers, HDPE containers, vineyard nets and twine. Plasback has recycled over 10,000 tonne of plastic waste since they began in 2006 and offer a range of products made in New Zealand from the plastic they recycle including Tuffboard, an alternative for plywood, and Tuffdeck.

Plasback has a tried and tested bin and liner system for collecting on farm plastics using giant bin liners to keep used plastic wrap tidy on your farm and make it easy for collection. Optionally, they also offer bins to house the liners.

Nutritech has partnered with Plasback to allow our customers to recycle SiloStop® Orange.

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