An all-species nutrition company.

November 30, 2021

An all-species nutrition company.

Nutritech has a long involvement in the New Zealand agricultural industry, dating back to 1915 when a Danish chemist established the Danish Mineral Research Company which became Nutritech International Limited in 1985.

Over the last 106 years Nutritech has become synonymous with the supply of nutrients including vitamins and trace minerals important for animal health and productivity. The DanMix® range of loose licks were very popular for extensive beef and sheep farming when this was New Zealand’s most popular farming activity between 1856-1987.

Since then, Nutritech has adapted to the ever-changing agriculture sector and has supported these changes with products like HiTrace® and AquaTrace®, amongst others, which have become household brands in the dairy sector.

What is less well known is that Nutritech has a national team of area managers, that are supported by an administration, operations and commercial team in Auckland; with production facilities in both Mangere (Auckland) and Rolleston (Christchurch).

A team of 3 fully qualified full time nutritionists and two part time consultant nutritionists, combine together to support all the animal species and forage. This mostly encompasses the production animal species including beef, sheep, goats, deer, pigs and chickens but is increasingly including the companion animal species – horses, dogs and cats. For our companion animal range, we make use of our key suppliers including Lallemand Animal Nutrition who have worldwide specialists in this area. Occasionally, we also get asked to provide support for other species including zoo animals (like the Red Panda at the Wellington zoo!) and our endangered species (like the critically endangered white plover at the Pukaha Wildlife Centre).
Nutritech strives to be the leaders in animal nutrition and forage…and that includes all animals!


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