Canterbury Deer farmer Glen Whyte maximises profits with a few simple tweaks to his inputs.

December 1, 2021

Canterbury Deer farmer Glen Whyte maximises profits with a few simple tweaks to his inputs.

Glen Whyte manages the ‘Whyte Farming Ltd’ finishing unit at Alford Forest, Canterbury. The 1100 Wapiti Weaners arrive weaned in March to Glens low country farm (400meters above sea level), Glen raises the deer on a combination of lush plain pastures, Lucerne baleage, Red Clover baleage and Pea Vine baleage – using Nutritech Sil-All® 4×4+ as his inoculant of choice, alongside swedes and fodder beet over winter. They are supplemented with a DanMix® Deer custom mineral blend until they are up to weight for market from October.

Glen also rears 400 R2 beef cattle, 800 breeding ewes and is the managing Director of NZ Bison Ltd, farming 100 Bison (off site). On approximately 400 ha of flat country, they grow a range of kale, rape, swedes, fodder beet, short-term and year-round rye grass crops.

His first experience with DanMix® Deer was positive in every way: it was easy to use by simply putting the daily allocation in a concrete bowl, and the deer really like it. The cattle also enjoy the DanMix®.

As return users of Nutritech inoculant, Glen said “This season is the second year I have made pea vine baleage and used Nutritech Sil-All® 4×4+ inoculant. I have tried both granular and water soluble and found that for the forage I am ensiling the water soluble is more efficient. Using Sil-All® 4×4+ has made my forage more palatable for the deer and I am getting a better fermentation and less wastage”.

Glen is also using a DanMix® Deer custom mineral blend for his deer. Glen said “I wanted to be supplementing a product that would help maintain the mineral levels in my animals”.

“Based on the advice and service we got from the Nutritech team on our forage and inoculant, it only made sense to package this with their sound Nutritional support. Nutritech Area Manager, Catherine Sharpin came out for an on-farm visit with their Canterbury based Nutritionist, Louise Salter collected all the information to ensure we were provided with a product to suit our needs. Deer Nutrition is definitely a specialty in New Zealand, but the Nutritech team went above and beyond to gather all the information they could, thus coupled with a diet analysis and factoring in blood results to develop our DanMix® Deer custom mineral blend to suit our needs” says Glen.

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