Muscle Relief

General Details
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Aids in the prevention of and recovery from vitamin E and selenium deficiency. The anti-oxidant activity of vitamin E and selenium promotes muscle health and recovery. Damaged muscles lose their elasticity, resulting in “tying up” and soreness. Prevention of muscle damage in the reproductive system of mares is important for fertility. MuscleRelief™ contains organic selenium yeast, which has been found to be much more bio-available than standard selenium.

Active Ingredients

Per 10 g dose

Vitamin E 2,000 iu
Selenium* 1.2 mg

*Selenium derived entirely from selenium yeast – an organic source of selenium.

Recommended Dose Rate

15 ml scoop measures approximately 10 g
Horses in training: 5g / horse / day
Horses in racing: 10-20g / horse / day
Broodmares and stallions: 5-10g / horse / day

Directions for Use

Thoroughly mix the required amount into one of the daily feeds of meal or grain.

Pack Sizes

0.5 kg, 1 kg.


In the lead up to Horse of the Year Bailey’s workload increased and to help prevent any muscle soreness or tying up, we introduced her to the only thing I can describe as truly amazing MuscleRelief™. She was also being fed on EquiGuard™. My other horses are now all on MuscleRelief™ with the same amazing results!!

Nikki Cheyne, Hawke’s Bay