December 1, 2021

New technologies improve silage quality

New Zealand farm businesses can significantly reduce silage spoilage and retain more nutrients in their forage thanks to improvements in silage preservation technologies. At a time when feed costs are rising, it is now more important than ever to reduce the impact of silage losses to retain valuable, locally grown feed. What are silage losses? […]

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November 30, 2021

Should we stress about heat stress?

A large US study found that severe heat stress (above 25°C) can cause significant financial losses across all species (St Pierre et al., 2003). An estimated 80% of these losses were associated with loss of productivity and 20% with health issues. In ruminants many of those losses were due to rumen acidosis problems and related […]

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July 5, 2021

Biotin and its role in improving hoof health.

Biotin (Vitamin H or B7) is an essential water-soluble vitamin. It is naturally present in some feeds and can be synthesised by rumen microbes.  Usually, ruminal biotin synthesis supplies sufficient biotin for biological functions, however, diets containing high quantities of grain may reduce the natural synthesis of Biotin by the rumen. Biotin for hoof hardness. […]

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July 5, 2021

Rumensin™ – a story of evolution and innovation

We were delighted to be appointed the exclusive distributors for Rumensin™ Trough Treatment, Rumensin™ Technical and Rumensin™ 20% Millmix, last year says CEO Tony Manning, “Having one of the strongest and well researched brands on the market adds to a strong technical presence on farm with resellers and with mills. Nutritech is well positioned to support […]

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July 7, 2020

Attention to Detail and Observation key to Profitable Calf Rearing

Nutritech Area Managers were delighted to have the opportunity to listen to Karen Fraser (formerly of Rakaia Island) and now NRM’s Calf & Nutrition Specialist give her opinions on practical calf rearing during the lockdown. Here are some of her take home tips: Good calf rearing starts with mum, at mating, then dry off and [...]
August 1, 2017

Calf Rearing Basics

Giving your calves a great start in life has its rewards – healthy animals mean better returns. This Nutritech calving guide provides some coaching on how to create the optimum environment and conditions to enable your calves to flourish. Shelter Calves should be sheltered indoors for at least three to four weeks after birth. A [...]
June 1, 2017

Benefits of Calf Rearing Supplements

Trials in NZ and overseas have demonstrated the long term benefits of good calf rearing in terms of improved production and health. Freshly born calves have yet to develop their immune systems, so rely initially on antibodies in colostrum for early protection against potential pathogens. However, this does not provide complete protection, especially during periods [...]
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July 7, 2016

Tips for Effective Calf Rearing

Successful calf rearing relies on getting the basics right, attention to detail across the board, and promoting health and immunity. The basics covers good biosecurity, hygiene, housing, ventilation, bedding, management and nutrition, including feeding timely and adequate amounts of quality colostrum. Adequate levels of basic nutrients, such as energy yielding nutrients, amino acids (protein), carbohydrates, [...]
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July 1, 2016

Calf Rearing

Numerous trials have demonstrated the importance of good calf rearing practices on increasing 1st lactation and lifetime milk production, thus profitability.  Early rumen development, gut health and integrity, and avoiding a weaning check are key factors influencing calf growth. Highly degradable starch based feeds promote development of the rumen and its papillae.  Recent trials have [...]
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January 1, 2016

Maintaining Pregnancy

Local trials have demonstrated early embryonic loss is the major cause of empty cows, being a financial drain on farming businesses, through higher replacement costs and lost production.  The forecast intense El Niño may lead to higher than usual empty rates this year, if farmers do not ensure they provide sufficient high quality feed during [...]
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