New forage inoculant bacteria brings big benefits

March 1, 2021

New forage inoculant bacteria brings big benefits

After ten years in the making, Nutritech is proud to launch a new silage inoculant technology that significantly improves both the quality and aerobic stability of maize, wholecrop and other silages that are prone to heating. Using MAGNIVA®Platinum it is safe to open stacks at 2 weeks rather than waiting 6 weeks for any inoculant that relies on Lactobacillus buchneri as its primary bacterium to keep silage cool. This is important when we consider what one month worth of feed is worth, especially in dry conditions or for autumn calving herds who often need maize soon after ensiling.

“Aerobic stability” is measured as the time for silage temperature to increase by 2 degrees. After 15 days of fermentation, silage treated with MAGNIVA® Platinum has 18 hours longer aerobic stability than silage treated with L. buchneri alone. At 30 days, it has 24 hours extra aerobic stability. Those extra hours of cool silage count when your stack face is open, or when you feed out in advance.

MAGNIVA®Platinum combines the recently-discovered and patented Lactobacillus hilgardii CNCM I-4785 bacterial strain together with the already proven L. buchneri NCIMB 40788 strain from Lallemand. MAGNIVA®Platinum supersedes Nutritech’s well known Sil-All® Stability combination that has been the industry global standard for maize and cereal silage. MAGNIVA®Platinum retains the good features of Sil-All® Stability by still delivering the proven L.buchneri 40788 strain, the ‘fast starting’ bacteria Pediococcus pentosaceous strain and enzymes to help improve silage digestibility and fermentation, while adding the new L.hilgardii to provide cooler silage faster.

Cool silage means less dry matter lost, more metabolisable energy retained, less yeast activity and less mycotoxins. MAGNIVA® Platinum significantly improves long-term silage stability, so even in stacks that are not opened early, the aerobic stability benefits get greater with time.

Nutritech and Lallemand are proud to be at the leading edge of technical advances in silage inoculant technology. Finding new bacteria that achieve better results than previous technologies is a complex and time consuming process undertaken by qualified microbiologists. It takes time to isolate the bacterium, select the most effective strains and then test its impact on silage quality on its own and in combination with other inoculant bacteria to get an improved response.

For more information on the latest silage inoculant technology, MAGNIVA®Platinum, get in contact with your local Nutritech Area Manager.


This article was originally published in the NZ Agribusiness magazine.

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