AquaTrace® Summer Mix

General Details
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AquaTrace® Summer Mix is a trace element mix that provides copper in its protected form to help minimise interactions with zinc during the facial eczema period.

Active Ingredients

Per 5g or 10mL dose: 

Copper* 150 mg (organic)
Cobalt 10 mg
Selenium 4.5 mg (partially organic)
Iodine 8 mg


Recommended Dose Rate

5g or 10 mL per cow per day.

Directions for Use

AquaTrace® Summer Mix can be added directly to troughs, drenched or through an in-line dispenser such as the Dosmatic®. Contains no zinc. Trace minerals for use when another zinc source is provided.

Pack Sizes

20L or 25kg


We were having problems with retained placentas and non-cycling cows so we did a series of tests and found that we had a high iron content in our water which was interacting with other minerals. We looked at a number of products on the market but decided to use Nutritech water-soluble AquaTrace® range because we felt they had the highest specifications and are simple to use. Since using AquaTrace® we now have an empty rate of 4.3% and fewer animal health issues. This season we had the vet in for the first time to treat a lame cow. He commented that he couldn’t remember a time when he’s ever had to come out to give anything to our animals! I would rather spend a little bit of money trying to prevent problems than spend a lot of money curing them and that’s why I use Nutritech!

Martin Barker (dairy farmer from South Taranaki milking 260 cows with an average production of over 350kg/ms)

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