Biotin 2%

General Details
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Biotin, a B group vitamin, is an essential nutrient for all animals. It is present in many foods and feedstuffs and produced naturally by rumen microbes. Biotin is critical for a diverse array of metabolic pathways. Of special importance are keratin and lipid synthesis which are important for horn production, quality and strength and glucose synthesis which is the main energy source for milk production. Supplementation of Biotin in trials has shown an increased milk production and improved hoof health, suggesting that the naturally available biotin may not meet demand in high yielding dairy cows.

Active Ingredients

B group vitamin.

Recommended Dose Rate

0.5 grams per cow per day during rearing phase and at least 3 months prior to calving for optimum horn quality.

Dry/Transition Cows
0.5 grams per cow per day during dry period and around calving due to disruption in horn growth.

Lactating cows
1 gram per cow per day throughout first 3 months lactation.

Directions for Use

Blend into feed or mineral premix.

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