DanMix® AB Booster

General Details
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A free access supplement designed to help reduce energy deficits and increase conception rates in dairy cows. DanMix® AB Booster is an excellent source of C16 & C18 rumen protected fats, minerals and vitamins.

Active Ingredients

Each 400g dose contains:

Cobalt 4 mg
Copper 130 mg
Iodine 15 mg
Golden Flake® 200 g
Magnesium 10 g
Phosphorus 5 g
Selenium 4 mg
Vitamin E 100 iu
Zinc 300 mg
Recommended Dose Rate

400 grams per head per day.

Directions for Use

Place in a suitable container in a dry area or mix evenly into other supplements such as grass silage or PKE.

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