DanMix® Dry Cow

General Details
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A free access inorganic mineral mix for use during the dry period; contains zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin E to help support cellular repair, plus additional magnesium. DanMix® Dry Cow is ideal for cows wintered on Brassica’s due to the high levels of Iodine. Not suitable where there are known dietary antagonists or where existing deficiencies exist.

Active Ingredients

Per 50 g dose:

Cobalt 4 mg
Copper 120 mg
Iodine 15 mg
Magnesium 5 mg
Selenium 2 mg
Sodium 9.3 g
Vitamin E 10 iu
Zinc 150 mg
Recommended Dose Rate

50 grams per cow per day.

Directions for Use

Place in a suitable container in a dry area away from water troughs. Cattle should be given free access along with water and roughage.

Pack Sizes


Additive Options
DanMix® Dry Cow + Nutriplex® 5 25 kg
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