DanMix® Lactating Cow

General Details
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A free access mineral mix containing a combination of sulphate and organic minerals to help support the needs of the modern dairy cow. DanMix® Lactating Cow contains zinc and copper in their organic forms to help support immune function and help lower somatic cell counts. DanMix® Lactating Cow also contains additional Vitamin D3 to help mobilise Calcium pre and post calving.

Active Ingredients

Per 70 g dose: 

Cobalt 6 mg
Copper* 150 mg
Iodine 8 mg
Magnesium 15 g
Selenium 4 mg
Sodium 5.8 g
Vitamin D3 875 IU
Zinc* 400 mg

* Derived partially from an organic source

Recommended Dose Rate

70 grams per cow per day.

Directions for Use

Place in a suitable container in a dry area away from water troughs. Cattle should be given free access along with water and roughage.

Pack Sizes

25 kg

Additive Options
DanMix® Lactating Cow + Fusion® Dyad 25 kg

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