General Details
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EquiGuard™ is a natural product compromising modified glucomannans from yeast cell wall, phytogenic substances, phycophytic constituents, a prebiotic, a biological constituent and a synergystic blend of minerals. Mycotoxins have been implicated in a variety of acute equine health problems including colic, behavioural disorders, diarrhoea, hypersensitivity, abortions and reproductive problems. EquiGuard™ is New Zealand’s original digestive supplement that supports horses grazing pastures or eating feed that may be affected by mycotoxin activity.

Active Ingredients
Chromium (organic)
Mannan oligosaccharides
Vitamin E
Recommended Dose Rate

High dose- 4 g / 100 kg for 5-7 days: Horse (500 kg) = 20 g. Pony (250 kg) = 10 g.
Normal dose- 2g /100 kg: Horse (500 kg) = 10 g. Pony (250 kg) = 5 g.
One 15 ml scoop (included) is approximately 10 g.

Directions for Use

Administer to horses by mixing with supplementary feed. Begin with the high dose, and continue for at least 5-7 days. Following this, the dose can be reduced to the normal rate depending on the individual horse’s response. For best results, split the daily dose into morning and evening feeds.


This product is a natural preparation for animal use and if symptoms persist, veterinary advice should be sought.


Reseal packaging after use. Keep in a safe place away from foodstuffs. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes, inhalation and ingestion. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Keep out of reach of children.

Pack Sizes

1 kg, 5 kg


In the lead up to Horse of the Year Bailey’s workload increased and to help prevent any muscle soreness or tying up, we introduced her to the only thing I can describe as truly amazing MuscleRelief™. She was also being fed on EquiGuard™. My other horses are now all on MuscleRelief™ with the same amazing results!!

Nikki Cheyne, Hawke’s Bay