NutriMin® MacroMaize

General Details
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A macro mineral supplement for lactating dairy cows being fed maize silage together with pasture and/or pasture silage. NutriMin® MacroMaize is formulated to balance the deficiencies of maize silage, in particular calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus required in milking cow diets.

Active Ingredients

Contains per 125 g dose (elemental):

Calcium 26 g
Magnesium 17 g
Phosphorus 4 g
Sodium 6 g
Recommended Dose Rate
Lactation stage Maize level feed in kg DM/cow
Rates 2 4 6 8
Early & cows 2.0-2.2 kg MS 100 125 150 175
Mid lactation 75 100 125 150
Late lactation 50 75 100 125
Directions for Use

Feed according to stage of lactation, milk solid yield and proportion of maize in the daily diet. Mix thoroughly with feed or spread evenly over feed to ensure all cows get an even daily dose rate.

Pack Sizes

25 kg

Additive Options
NutriMin® MacroMaize + Biotin 25 kg
NutriMin® MacroMaize + Rumensin 25 kg
NutriMin® MacroMaize + Rumensin 750 kg

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