NutriCare® Colostrum Keeper

General Details
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A soluble concentrated acidic powder for addition to colostrum or milk to accelerate natural fermentation and enhance storage ability. NutriCare® Colostrum Keeper can also be used in whole milk, milk replacer or antibiotic milk to improve the clotting ability in the milk to enhance digestibility in young calves.

Active Ingredients

2-Hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid

Recommended Dose Rate

1 gram per litre of fresh colostrum milk.
A 2kg pack will treat 2000 L.
Do not over-stir.
One level 15ml scoop measures approximately 14g of NutriCare® Colostrum Keeper. (Scoop enclosed)
One level 1/3cup measures approximately 80g.

Directions for Use

Store colostrum in clean stainless steel or plastic containers with loose-fitting lids out of direct sunlight (less than 20°C). Cool fresh colostrum before adding NutriCare® Colostrum Keeper slowly while stirring. Use an automatic stirrer to stir stored colostrum twice daily (no longer than 5 minutes) to prevent a crust from forming.

To feed stored colostrum, warm the colostrum to encourage intake. Colostrum can be diluted with warm water (maximum 40°C) due to its higher feed value than whole milk. It is recommended to dilute at a rate of 2:1 (colostrum:warm water) when teaching calves to drink. Fresh or frozen colostrum must be used within a calf’s first 12 hours of life, as stored colostrum cannot provide newborn calves with passive immunity.

Pack Sizes

2 kg, 20 kg


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