Nutritech and Dunstan Nutrition – A Natural Collaboration

July 7, 2020

Nutritech and Dunstan Nutrition – A Natural Collaboration

With both brands being synonymous with quality, a collaboration between the two companies was a natural fit in the premium equine space. Martin Blampied from Dunstan Nutrition says “through our partnership with Nutritech we can produce the best feeds for the health and well-being of every New Zealand horse from foals to yearlings, racehorses through to sports horses, leisure horses and the ageing horse”.

So, when Dunstan Nutrition became involved in the ownership of Fiber Fresh, a well-known NZ brand which specialises in producing high quality bagged lucerne products, Nutritech was again the natural fit to provide technical support and quality products to help improve the whole ensiling process.
Alun Faulkner, Nutritech’s National Technical Manager, says, “We were delighted to be asked to help Fiber Fresh streamline their forage processes. Essentially, we provided a team of local and international experts to help them decide whether any proposed change was technically viable – whilst ensuring the quality of the product was maintained.”
He goes on to explain that although Nutritech is majority NZ owned “we have a far-reaching network of forage experts through our association with Lallemand Animal Nutrition & Silostop®, who we were more than happy to make available to Fiber Fresh.”

After an initial meeting between the two Companies, a decision was made on how to streamline the process. Matthew Bell, General Manager of Fiber Fresh says “It was pleasing to see the passion these guys have for their area of expertise. Both Companies were aligned in their desire to add value to the forage. A real highlight for our operational team was the use of the SiloStop® system, which not only reduces the amount of plastic we use, but also reduces our manufacturing wastage considerably. Another bonus was the discovery of the “Merger”, which is used in replacement of the rotary rakes. Due to its unique action, it can collect the wilted forage from the paddock with minimal leaf shatter, therefore enabling us to produce a better-quality product to our customers”

New Merger in action – unique action reduces the amount of leaf shatter.

Matthew Bell also said after the first meeting “A huge amount of learning and discussion has happened. I think the takeaway for us is that we can all work towards a solution that will strengthen our products and our business model.” It is great to see this in action.

Dr Tom Chamberlain explaining how best to use Silostop® oxygen barrier – note last years cover can be used on the side wall to reduce spoilage along the sides of the pit.

Local Nutritech Area Manager, Stuart Lister, together with local NZ forage expert Trish Lewis, provide ongoing support with regular visits to check on silage quality by taking samples for silage analysis which are reviewed by Lallemand’s microbiologist and brand manager Gordon Marley.

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