Silostop® Orange – Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film

General Details
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Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film is recognised worldwide as the leading oxygen barrier film. It is a thin, impermeable film stopping the entry of oxygen into silage.
Silostop® Orange is thin, light and very strong, making it easy to handle and apply. Its unique oxygen barrier properties are proven to be over 100x more effective than conventional black / white-on-black PE plastic and it stops even more oxygen when compared with clear “clingfilm” type products.

Silage Film Thickness (micron) Oxygen Transmission Rate (cm3/m2/24hrs)
SILOSTOP® Orange 45 <5
Conventional PE plastic (black or white-on-black) 125 >300
Conventional PE ‘cling film’ 40 >1,000
Benefits of Silostop® Orange in the Silostop® Protection System
  • Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated.
  • Reduced labour time as it’s quick to use and no need to remove waste silage.
  • Dry matter loss is reduced by up to 50% in the top metre of silage compared to conventional silage sheeting1.
  • Aerobic stability is increased by up to two and a half days1, so silage on the face and in front of the cows stays fresh and nutrient rich longer.
  • Silostop® films are thinner and less bulky than conventional plastics and are therefore cheaper to recycle (⅓ of the weight).
  • Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film has been and is continually independently researched and there are many published trials proving that silage DM losses are reduced, aerobic stability is improved and that nutrient levels are preserved at an optimum level2.

1 Wilkinson and Fenlon (2013), 2 Borreani and Tabacco (2012a, 2012b)

How to use the Silostop® Protection System
  1. Cover the silage bunker/pit/pile as soon as possible after filling with Silostop® Orange film. It is important to allow the film to sit loosely. Do not pull it tight so it has give in it so it can be walked on safely and so that air is not trapped underneath.
  2. If using side wall film fold those in appropriately so as not to let rain water run into silage
  3. Place Silostop® Anti UV net over the top of the Orange film.
  4. Place Gravelbags around the perimeter, bags touching, no gaps.
  5. Cover the entire pit/bunker/pile with cross hatched Gravelbags. No gap greater than 4 metres between each row.

When feeding out, fold the netting back and cut off plastic film. Ensure plenty of weight is along the front of the pit, use a touching row of gravel bags along the front for an effective airtight seal.

See how best to seal/cover a silage bunker in this simple video.

Silostop® Orange Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film 12mx50m 600m2
Silostop® Orange Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film 16mx50m 800m2
Silostop® Orange Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film 20mx50m 1000m2
Silostop® Orange Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film 20mx305m 6100m2

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