Silostop® Gravel Bags

General Details
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Silostop® Gravel bags are a very convenient tool to help seal silage bunkers and piles. Their filled weight and shape ensure that the cover is held in place while maintaining a perfect seal. Silostop® Gravel bags are a part of the Silostop® Protection system which results in minimal silage loss, improved animal intake
and animal health.

Benefits Silostop® Gravel Bags in the Silostop® Protection System
  • Eliminate tyres for an easier, safer, more environmentally friendly weighting solution.
  • Oblong shape ensures the maximum sealing effectiveness when laid along seams and edges.
  • Robust woven netting material with a lifespan of at least five years.
  • Quick and easy to move as silage is taken from the face.
  • Pallet storage is simple and tidy.


How to use the Silostop® Protection System
  1. Cover the silage bunker/pit/pile as soon as possible after filling with Silostop® Orange film. It is important to allow the film to sit loosely. Do not pull it tight so it has give in it so it can be walked on safely and so that air is not trapped underneath.
  2. If using side wall film fold those in appropriately so as not to let rain water run into silage
  3. Place Silostop® Anti UV net over the top of the Orange film.
  4. Place Gravelbags around the perimeter, bags touching, no gaps.
  5. Cover the entire pit/bunker/pile with cross hatched Gravelbags. No gap greater than 4 metres between each row.

When feeding out, fold the netting back and cut off plastic film. Ensure plenty of weight is along the front of the pit, use a touching row of gravel bags along the front for an effective airtight seal.

See how best to seal/cover a silage bunker in this simple video.


50 Bag Bundle


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