Silostop® Anti-UV Cover

General Details
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Silostop® Anti-UV cover is an essential part of the Silostop® Protection system as it offers very strong, long lasting protection for Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film against UV rays and damage from birds and animals. The woven structure allows wind to pass through rather than lifting the cover, even in very windy conditions, ensuring the cover remains cool and does not heat the silage.

Benefits of the Silostop® Anti-UV Cover in the Silostop® Protection System
  • Protects Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film from physical damage.
  • Easy to use; can substantially reduce labour costs.
  • Robust and long lasting, with a life expectency of at least five years.
  • 213gsm close weave composition protects Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film from UV light as well as physical damage.
  • Strong, long lasting (700 KLY) protection for Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Films.
How to use the Silostop® Protection System
  1. Cover the silage bunker/pit/pile as soon as possible after filling with Silostop® Orange film. It is important to allow the film to sit loosely. Do not pull it tight so it has give in it so it can be walked on safely and so that air is not trapped underneath.
  2. If using side wall film fold those in appropriately so as not to let rain water run into silage
  3. Place Silostop® Anti UV net over the top of the Orange film.
  4. Place Gravelbags around the perimeter, bags touching, no gaps.
  5. Cover the entire pit/bunker/pile with cross hatched Gravelbags. No gap greater than 4 metres between each row.

When feeding out, fold the netting back and cut off plastic film. Ensure plenty of weight is along the front of the pit, use a touching row of gravel bags along the front for an effective airtight seal.

See how best to seal/cover a silage bunker in this simple video.

Silostop® Anti-UV cover 15.6mx12m 187m2
Silostop® Anti-UV cover 15.6mx20m 312m2

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