On Farm Field Days: Making the most of on farm feeds

July 7, 2020

On Farm Field Days: Making the most of on farm feeds

Nutritech hosted a series of local field days to help drought-stricken farmers make the most of their on-farm feeds.

Consulting nutritionist and silage specialist Trish Lewis, East Coast Area Manager Christian Muller and Waikato/BOP Area Manager Stu Lister hosted a series of informative silage field days for farmers in their area.

Trish Lewis talking to drought-stricken farmers on the importance of good silage practises.

Trish spoke about the importance of ensuring and maintaining silage quality under extreme environmental pressures and how it can impact not only animal health and silage losses but also a farm’s bottom line. She discussed improving silage quality by harvesting at the right dry matter, achieving good compaction, and using technology such as oxygen barriers and inoculants to reduce silage losses and maintain silage quality.

Stu Lister, Nutritech Area Manager for the Waikato and BOP discussed the benefits of Nutritech’s revolutionary new stack sealing system, which comprises of the SiloStop® Oxygen Barrier, and the environmentally sound UV covers and gravel bags (instead of dirty old tyres) that can be reused for up to 10 years!

SiloStop® Oxygen Barrier (left) vs Conventional plastic (right)

Stu Highlighted just how little oxygen is transmitted through the SiloStop® Oxygen barrier (approximately 100x’s less per m3) by vacuum packing two bananas: one in SiloStop® and the other in conventional black and white plastic two weeks prior to the event. Attendees were then invited to open them on the day, which they did – he says “they were stunned at just how different the two bananas kept under the same conditions looked and smelt. Whist the SiloStop® banana was still edible the other was just brown mush!”.


Drought assistance: If you are struggling with the effect of the drought and would like help planning how to manage feed shortages, we are available to help. Just contact your Nutritech area manager who can review your nutrition demands and match the right feed to your circumstance. We do not sell feed, so our advice is truly independent.

Use the Book Now button on our Facebook page to book a consultation.

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