Management and Technical Team Update

July 14, 2017

Management and Technical Team Update

Nutritech is proud to announce that Nadine Huitema will be joining Nutritech International on the 6th September 2017 as a Ruminant Nutritionist and Forage Support person based in Taupo.

Nadine grew up on a dairy farm just south of Cambridge. She studied at the University of Waikato where in 2011 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), Master of Science (with 1st Class Honours) and Bachelor of Management Studies Hons, (Supply Chain Management). Her Master’s Thesis examined genetic and nutritional factors affecting goat milk composition.

Nadine was a Technical Sales Support person for Agrifeeds and transferred across to PGG Wrightson as their technical Specialist in Animal Production and Nutrition as part of the PGGW technical team, responsible for training and on farm support searching for new ways to grow more meat, milk or wool and teaching technical concepts in a way that is easily understood.

She is also a Board Member and Vice Chairperson for New Zealand Young Farmers. Nadine is passionate about NZ agriculture and supporting young people in the industry.

Also, joining the Nutritech management and technical team is Grant Matthews, as our South Island Sales Manager, based in Christchurch starting 7th August 2017.

Grant has a comprehensive work history within the animal health, nutrition and forage industries. Grant was a practising Veterinarian from 1998 – 2003 where he worked for Northern Southland Veterinary Services before spending time with Clutha Veterinary Association.

From 2003-2005 Grant worked as a Dairy Farm Consultant with Dairy Team New Zealand. Grant then spent 11 years with Genetic Technologies (Pioneer) where he progressed to being the South Island Manager.

Grant’s current role is Sales Manager for Riverbank Stock feeds, a multiple species feed mill in Victoria, Australia where he manages the sales team and plays a role in formulating diets and feed rations.

We are extremely excited to offer further managerial support and technical assistance to all of our customers and staff throughout New Zealand. This is in addition to our recent announcement of Trish Lewis joining the Nutritech technical team as a Forage and Nutrition Consultant.

Trish remains an independent Nutrition consultant to the industry, and will also support the Nutritech field team and their customers to make better quality silage and provide advice on how best to utilise high quality home grown feed.

Trish first came to New Zealand as a Nutritionist with Nutritech in 1997. She then spent time with Cundy Technical Services, which later became Alltech NZ Ltd, before becoming an independent consultant. Trish has supported the Sil-All® brand of inoculants for 20 years in New Zealand and overseas. We are very excited to welcome her back into the Nutritech team to offer our customers more support with a very strong focus on improving silage quality and knowledge.

Trish is an independent consultant nutritionist based in Auckland, New Zealand and provides advice on dairy cow nutrition and forage conservation to farmers and the wider agricultural industry.

Trish has a considerable depth of knowledge and practical experience covering all matters relating to silage from harvesting to feeding. She has spoken on silage and dairy nutrition at a range of meetings from large conferences to small farmer workshops. She contributes technical articles to industry publications on various aspects of silage and ruminant nutrition.

Trish is a founding member and currently secretary of the New Zealand Association of Ruminant Nutritionists (NZARN), a leading technical group that aims to widen the technical knowledge and advice provided by ruminant nutritionists to the agricultural industry, and act as a combined voice to issues that arise.

These appointments are in addition to the current technical team of Alun Faulkner, Adam Clay and Dr Julian Waters.

Both Alun and Julian have been involved in the NZ animal feed industry for 15 years and 20 years respectively.

Prior to that Alun was involved in the South African feed milling industry with poultry and feed mill integrators for 9 years, while Julian was involved in the UK animal feed industry through research, government agencies and commercial operations for 15 years.

Both Alun & Julian are multi-species nutritionists, with Alun having a MSc. Degree specialising in Animal & Poultry Nutrition while Julian has both a MSc. and a PhD degree in Ruminant Nutrition.

Adam Clay will be returning to the UK at the end of August 2017 after completing his 2-year secondment to New Zealand with Lallemand. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Adam for his fantastic contribution to the Nutritech business and our customers. We wish he and his family, the safest of travels and all the best on their relocation back to the UK.

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